About Soul Keeper Urns

Hi. I’m Karina Clarke, artist and founder of Soul Keeper Urns. I have been making high-quality, sustainable ceramic urns since 2010.

Many years ago, I made the decision to focus on creating objects that had meaning and purpose. I wanted to use my creativity to help people, and be part of the healing process.

This led me to consider the different applications of memorial objects and rituals associated when someone dies.

I am privileged in the knowledge that each Soul Keeper urn has been selected to form part of a special relationship between those who have passed and those who are left behind. My urns carry a resonance of memories that are embedded into the form.

Since I was a small child I have loved creating objects from clay. I have also had an affinity with nature and being present to the cycles of life, the seasons and how things transform over time. I believe in honouring relationships and the interconnected nature of all things. Rituals are an important part of our human nature and they help us in living what I would hope is a good life.

When someone or something passes/dies there is often an emptiness and sense of something that is missing. Nothing can take that away but there are some things that can give comfort. If I can help by creating a beautiful object that gives peace and comfort then that is a worthy contribution and use of my skills and knowledge.

Keep Your Precious Memories Alive

A home memorial for your much-loved departed family member.