Keep Loved Ones Close To Your Heart

Soul Keeper urns was created to help people through their grief and loss.

We make beautiful, handcrafted urns that are appealing and unobtrusive, to honour the poetic response to life and death.

Keep Your Precious Memories Alive

A home memorial for your much-loved departed family member.

Bring A Sense Of Peace To A Beloved Family Member

Soul Keeper Urns help people/individuals through their grief and loss by providing beautiful hand crafted urns that are appealing, unobtrusive and bring peace in the knowledge that their loved one is in a safe place.

Relationships and memories are embodied in the objects we have around us. Finding the right resting place for our beloved family member or pet brings a sense of peace and nurturing to those of us left behind.

Natural Designs and Organic Shapes

Selecting the right urn for a family member is never easy. Finding something that reflects the essence of a loved one or pet can be a daunting task. Each Soul Keeper urn is individual; a bespoke response to the design and creation of each product.

Our intention is to enable meaningful connections and promote the interconnected nature of all things. The natural designs and organic shapes are suitable for inside your home or garden.

Create Resonance Of Memories For Those Who Are Left Behind.

In our contemporary western culture, we have become distanced from the act of dying. Adopting rituals and preparing for what is to come can be a rewarding experience, and help reduce some of the pressures around decision-making that come with the passing of a loved one.

Soul Keeper urns offer a special resting place that people have selected either for themselves or for a loved one or pet.


  • ★★★★★
    We were so happy when we collected our cat Me Me's ashes from our vet in the beautiful stacking stone. We lost her unexpectedly at 12 years and the stone is especially lovely as it is so tactile that we can hold it and feel in touch with her. The simplicity of the disc with her name and age and the natural look and feel of the stone is wonderful as it sits next to her photo on the piano. Thank you so much!
  • Dottie & Sue, Lilyfield, NSW

Keep Your Loved Ones Close With Beautiful Urns

  • Individual

    Our urns are hand crafted and show variations from one stone to another.

  • Tactile

    Our urns bring comfort through touch. The organic nature allows you to hold and cradle your loved one.

  • Discrete

    The stones are a appealing and unobtrusive, they speak of the poetic response to life and death.